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The Dryer Holder

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10179 Huennekens St.
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-888-7586
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The Dryer Holder by Wise Products was designed to create more space in your bathroom, to increase safety for your family, and to add convenience to your life. You can leave your hair dryer plugged in and ready for use while reducing the clutter on your bathroom counter!

Other hair dryer holders are bulky or unattractive. Some even allow the hair dryer to swing freely over the counter, creating a distinct safety hazard. The Dryer Holder by Wise Products keeps your hair dryer secure against the wall, and out of your way.

The Dryer Holder

Client Testimonials

I love our new Dryer Holder! Now that my wife’s hair dryer is off the counter we have more space and less arguing. You just may have saved our marriage! Thank you DryerHolder.com!

Matt -
San Diego, Ca

Meet The Dryer Holder

9 times out of 10, your dryer is laying on the counter as we speak! The Dryer Holder will store you hair dryer on any wall you choose with a very easy installation.

Color Selections

The Dryer Holder is available in a variety of colors to compliment any bathroom decor.